Businesses in the town and the surrounding villages

Wilton District Business Chamber

We are one of the newest chambers in the Wessex region. We aim to support, protect and promote business in Wilton town and the surrounding villages. Become a member!

The Wilton District Business Chamber focuses on business groups and relevant workshops and through our educational program and gatherings, you can engage in networking and make new business contacts to help your business grow and develop staff. With targeted, effective, and affordable advertising for many local businesses, who offer on-going member-to-member discounts and business referrals at this website.

The Wilton District Business Chamber is a dynamic member-led organisation working to support the local community and our strong network of member businesses.

We currently are supporting the opening of the Wilton Train Station ( See attached link and the purchase of the old Erskine Barrakcs site for both residential and business opportunities

For more information on local business matters you maybe interested to read these sites 

Our job is to strengthen the position of our members and ensure that the views, needs and opinions of local businesses are heard. With support from the Wiltshire Association of Chamber of Commerce, we can help any size company at any stage of development to grow and prosper. A one stop shop for your business needs.

Membership of your local chamber is ideal for businesses that operate solely in their local area and do not need to source custom in other areas. Chamber membership allows you to focus on developing your business within your particular chamber area. As a local chamber member, you receive:

Chamber Benefits

Free and confidential support from The Wiltshire Business Support Service including:

  • Dedicated Business Manager.
  • Access to our network of business experts.
  • Free Business Start Up Seminars, programme of specialist business workshops, online resources and materials.
  • Annual Member Privilege Card – access to discounts, preferential rates on goods/services from fellow members.
  • Lobbying representation at local and national levels.
  • Monthly email mailshots of local chamber events.
  • Local social events, chamber lunches/breakfast meetings.
  • Access to regular ‘Meet the buyer’ events to promote your business.
  • Training courses.
  • Information services (free as well as professional).

Become a Member

Chamber membership starts from just £75 plus VAT pa. You can use our online form and payment system to apply for membership. For further information please contact Wilton District Business Chamber Manager Emma Short

Our aim is to use this site to keep local people up to date with information about local businesses. If you have a business in Wilton or surroundings please feel free to register your business using our simple online form.

Please keep checking this site for news and the latest special offers.

WDBC – Networking Questionnaire     


What benefits do you feel that you gain from being a WDBC Member?

What do you think of the £75 annual membership fee, is it value for money?

Is there anything that you would like to see or that the Committee are not doing?

Would you recommend other businesses to join?  Is there anyone we could contact?

What do you think of our breakfast networking event, or if you haven’t attended one yet, what would make you come along?

Will you be attending the AGM on Tuesday 9th May?

What do you think of our website, how can it be improved?

Any other comments or suggestions:

Wilton Event

What would make you support the Wilton Event?

What type of event would you support?

What time of year would you like to see it held?

Should it be held every two years as opposed to annually?

Are you happy with the venue?  If not, where would you hold it?

How much would you charge for the stands?

What would you like to see there?

Any other comments or suggestions:

Wilton Thursday Market

What do you think if the idea of WDBC, CLT, Rotary and Our Wilton sharing a monthly stand at the Wilton market on a Thursday?  The idea is help raise our profiles and show an actual presence in Wilton.

Would you have an hour or two to spare to help run the table?

Any other comments or suggestions:


What do you think of your internet provide in the area that you live and work?

Which provider do you use?

What type of internet do you use?

Any other comments or suggestions:

Wilton Heritage Plan – Objectives

How important are the objectives in the Plan to your overall business objectives? They include: Championing Fibre Optic in rural areas, Opening of the Train Station, Rural Business Strategy – reaching out to small businesses in the rural areas, Wilton Town Trail – History Trail for visitors and Support to our members for Apprenticeships

What objectives would you like us to add to the Heritage Plan that will add value to your business and Wilton Chamber?

Apprenticeships and Mentoring

Member, George Brutton, Building-Skill Ltd, has a keen interest in work experience and apprentices and would like to act as liaison between business members and individuals, thus adding value to Members and the community.  Would you support this WDBC initiative for work experience and apprentices, which would add value to Members and the community; what do you think about this, would you offer a position?

General Comments

Do you have any other comments, suggestion or anything else that you would like to put forward about the Business Chamber?