Businesses in the town and the surrounding villages

Constitution and Rules

1. Name

Wilton & District Business Chamber hereinafter referred to as the W&DBC

2. Mission Statement

To be and the provision of XXX

3. Objects

The objects for which the XXX is established are: –

  • To represent and promote the businesses and the community.
  • To provide and promote services of value to the members and the rural communities and,
  • To be strictly non-political.

4. Interpretation

“The Executive” shall mean the Executive Committee.

“The Officers” shall mean the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Honorary Treasurer, Membership and Recruitment Manager, and Social Secretary.

5. Membership

Membership of the shall be open to all individual persons, companies and firms interested or actively engaged in sports and leisure and business activities in Wilton and District.

The executive Committee shall have the power to refuse an application for membership without assigning a reason.

* The XXX shall have the power to elect and remove as Honorary Members such persons as they may see fit.

Any member who shall do any act or whose conduct shall be calculated to injure or discredit the XXX may be expelled from the XXX by a resolution passed by two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a general meeting.

6. Subscriptions

Every member shall pay an annual subscription that will cover a twelve-month period. The first subscription is payable on joining the XXX and subsequent subscriptions will be due on the anniversary of their joining. The individual member will automatically be invoiced at the prevailing rate on the due date. The subscription as recommended by the Executive shall, from time to time, be agreed by the members at a General Meeting.

All subscriptions being overdue by a period greater than three calendar months will result in suspension of membership however re-instatement will be automatic on receipt of the amount due.

7. Management

The management of the XXX shall be vested in an Executive Committee (the Executive) which shall be authorized to undertake such initiatives as deemed necessary or appropriate to effect, maintain or improve a professional level of administrative infrastructure and general management of the Chamber provided this is consistent with its published aims and objectives, save that such shall not jeopardise the financial integrity or solvency of the XXX.

The Executive shall comprise a Chairperson, secretary, treasurer, recruitment and development member, and five others, all elected members, all being members or their nominated representatives. For continuity of business, past Chairpersons, if they are willing to serve, can be co-opted. The elected Executive members shall retire annually but shall be eligible for immediate re-election if nominated and so willing to serve. No member of an Executive Committee can serve for longer than six years.

The Executive shall have (he power to appoint such sub-committees as may be deemed desirable. The Executive or any sub-committee may co-opt additional members with the power to vote.

All nominations for Officers or ordinary members or the Executive shall be made in writing signed by two members and by the nominee consenting to serve and sent to the Secretary not later than three days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

If within the said period of three days there shall not be sufficient nominations to fill the vacancies, the Executive may nominate persons to fill the remaining vacancies.
Four XXX members of the Executive shall form a Quorum.

Any member of the Executive who does not attend at least 50% of the meetings of the Executive during the year, will cease to be a member thereof and their seat on the Executive shall be filled at the Annual General Meeting.

If the post of any Officer shall become vacant during the year, such office may be filled by a nominee of the Executive.

8. Accounts

The Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer shall keep accounts of all monies received and paid by them for and on behalf of the XXX.

The Honorary Treasurer shall: –

  • Pay all accounts approved by the Executive and report all such payments to the Executive when such payment is completed.
  • Present to the members at the Annual General Meeting duly audited accounts showing all financial transactions of the XXX made up to the previous 31st December.
  • Make a report to the Executive at each monthly meeting detailing payments and receipts of the previous month, current and continuing reserves, current and continuing debtors and actual disposable balance of monies in hand and in bank.

9. Records

The Secretary shall record the proceedings and attendance of members at meetings of the Executive and the Chamber, in addition to maintaining a register of members and a record of all notices.

The records of the Chamber shall be available on due notice for inspection by members at reasonable hours.

10. General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than 31st March. At such meetings the Executive shall present a report with reference to all matters of consequence, which they have dealt with during the previous year.

The Executive may convene General Meetings of members to consider particular matters and upon a requisition in writing of ten or more members of the Chambers the Secretary shall convene such a meeting to be held within twenty-one days of the receipt of such requisition required so to do.

At least ten days notice of General Meetings shall be given to the members. Ten members shall form a quorum.

11. Chairman

In the absence of the Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson at any full XXX Meeting the members present shall elect a Chairman from their number to preside at that meeting.

12. Representation

Members shall be entitled to appoint representatives and the number of representatives of a member shall be relative to that member’s subscription and shall be determined from time to time by the Executive but shall not in any case exceed two.

Members shall duly advise the Secretary in writing of the name or names of their appointed representatives. At least three days notice in writing must be given to the Secretary of any changes given therein.

13. Voting

Every member who is an individual and every representative of a member shall have one vote that may be exercised by a show of hands but it shall be competent for any member before such a vote is taken to require that it shall be taken by ballot.

The mode of voting shall be as follows: –

In an election of Officers and the Executive where there is a contest – by ballot.
In all other motions or amendments where a ballot has not been required, by a show of hands. When a ballot is to be taken, two persons shall be appointed by the meeting as scrutineers who shall count one number of votes and report the result in writing to the Chairman who shall declare the result of the ballot to the meeting. In cases of equality of votes the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

14. Notices of Motion

Every member of the Chamber shall have the right to submit a notice of motion in writing to the Secretary that shall be placed on the agenda for the next meeting of the Executive.

15. Service of Notices

A notice may be served upon any member either personally or by sending it through the post in a prepaid envelope addressed to such a member at their registered place of address or by e-mail. A notice by a member must be served to the Secretary either personally or by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter or by e-mail. Any notice sent by post shall be deemed to have been served on the third day following that on which the envelope containing the same is franked and be sufficient to prove that the envelope containing the notice was properly addressed and put into the post.
Any notice sent by e-mail shall be deemed to have been served on the same day.