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Justin Allison: Bestselling copywriter

Justin Allison: Bestselling copywriter

21 Oct 2015

I create the ideas, words and pictures that persuade people to buy from you.

Whatever the medium: advertising, print, broadcast, internet, the message is:

Here’s the product/service/solution/opportunity you need and want.

Here’s why you’ll be glad you chose me.

Your pitch must be: Interesting, Credible, Persuasive, Convincing – and Likeable.

Given a choice between excellent propositions, we buy the one that rings true.

My clients come in all shapes and sizes.

One prepares his clients for death. How do you make that a life-enhancing

Another sells luxury boats to billionaires.

Another won 400% more business, after I re-wrote her website.

I work with a number of designers – including Wilton’s very own Alex Drewitt.

To see some of my work – and testimonials – visit

Good copy makes every marketing pound go further. Hence my mantras:

Tell the Truth. Make it Special.
Great Ideas Cost No More than Ordinary Ones.

Broad Chalke SP5 5HA

07709 022689    01722 781268

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